Textum Blog Blog UX/UI design for Textum agency

About the project
Internet marketing agency Textum provides a full range of services for promoting a business on the Internet. From copywriting and SEO to SMM and digital product development. The agency regularly uploads useful articles and professional advice on Internet marketing and was tasked with updating the blog interface, making it more convenient, bright and attractive to the audience.
Structure and interface
A lot of research work has been done on the case study and analysis of the niche, general benchmarking, certain accents of references and features of the agency's audience. Based on this data we made the main pages prototypes and also basic guides on fonts, colors, and general style.
The result
As a result, the blog page, article page, search system and the new navigation were designed which will also be used on the general agency website. Also, guides were set for the further redesign of the remaining pages or new sections of the website.

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