gossektor 24 Support service design for IT products of the public sector of the RK

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About the project
Gos24 is another project of our wonderful partner and client Centersoft. This time, the project was for the public sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan to support accountants, public procurement specialists and HR personnel. It was necessary to think over an information service from scratch, structure data, develop a user's personal account and the service promo page.
Structure and interface
A lot of work has been done to analyze the niche and users. Has been thought out interaction scenarios and CJM maps. We also created the structure, design of all pages and the user's personal account. At the same time, there also was a nice collaboration with the Centersoft development team at all stages of concept coordination.
The result
As a result, a full-fledged information platform was created from scratch for the state sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which of course was slightly modified over time based on AB tests and constant updating, but the service still fully works and functions according to the specified scenarios and structure, providing high conversion and user engagement.

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