centersoft Website design and development for the Centersoft IT company

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About the project
For more than 18 years, Centersoft has been offering a range of software services from the B2G sector to universities, startups and integration with 1C. We were faced with a difficult task to radically change the company's current website and show all the areas of activity in a more convenient format.
Structure and design
The work began with benchmarking and case study for business process automation, software implementation and SAAS consulting in the IT niche. The structure, interface, and content of the existing website were created and completely redesigned.
The result
As a result, we got a new, convenient format of pages for all the services and projects of the company. After the design system and responsive versions were approved, we started working on the implementation of the frontend and after several realtime tests we finally handed over the management of the finished site to our wonderful friends from Centrsoft.

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